While everybody has their own version and types of salad, this salad is simple, yet tasty. It also looks nice, so is a great salad to take to potlucks, parties, etc. Below is a picture and description of each step. 


-Leafy Green Lettuce
-4 to 5 eggs
-3 carrots (or a big handful of baby carrots)
-1 cucumber
-half of an onion
-a few tomatoes (about 3 Roma tomatoes) 
-Salad dressing (Heinz Salad Cream)

Step 1: Start by boiling your eggs and carrots. The number will depend on how big you want the salad, and how much you like eggs. For my medium sized bowl, I cut about 4-5 eggs. The amount of carrots will also depend on size and how much you like. If I am using baby carrots I use a big handful or more. If I am using regular sized carrots, I use about 3 (in this picture, I used regular sized carrots that I pre-cut. If I use baby carrots, I like to cut them after they are boiled). 
Step 2: While the carrots and eggs are boiling, start by putting your lettuce into a bowl. I use Green Leaf Lettuce. Wash the lettuce, then tear it into small pieces and place in your salad bowl. 
Step 3: cut your onion into rings, and place them on top of the lettuce. The amount will also depend on preference. 
Step 4: Cut the tomatoes and place them on top of the lettuce and onions. 
Step 5: Peel and cut the cucumber into slices. Place the cucumber around the edges of your salad. 
Step 6: When the eggs are done, peel them and cut them into pieces. Place the pieces on top of your salad. 
Step 7: Cut the carrots if you haven't already, then sprinkle them on top of the salad. 
Your nicely decorated salad will be looking so nice, you may not even want to eat it! If possible, enjoy your salad with Heinz Salad Cream :)

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