I heard a story the other day about a reporter who never really had anything good to say about Ted Kennedy. His political views were so different, so all the articles this wrote about Ted Kennedy always seemed to be negative. One day the reporter and Ted Kennedy were both at the same social gathering. There came a point in the night where this reporter and Ted Kennedy started talking one-on-one. Forty-five minutes later, the reporter walked away really impressed with Ted Kennedy. Despite their political differences, this reporter found that he actually liked Ted Kennedy as a person. After writing numerous negative articles about Ted Kennedy, the reporter wrote a story after that night about how good of a person Ted Kennedy actually is. They say don't judge a book by it's cover, meaning don't just look at a person and assume you don't like what you see. Rather, you have to get to know the person. The same goes for judging a person you may know. You shouldn't take one thing you know about the person and base all your opinions and decisions on that. Just because you may not agree with one thing in the person's life (a decision they made, their political views, etc.) doesn't mean that you cannot be friends with the person, or that you won't get along, or that you won't like anything else about them. Some people have a lot to offer you (knowledge, etc.), but if you write them off based on one thing you saw/heard them do that you didn't agree with, you may miss out on a lot. 

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