There's a saying that says more money, more problems. The saying implies that the more money people have, the more problems they may have. Everybody has a different view on money. Some people prefer to live life simply, with just enough money to get by and live thier life comfortably. Others chase after money their whole life, and can't seem to get enough. I am not here to say who is right or wrong. However, I have come to believe money is not everything. There have been times in my life where money seems to be hard to come by, and every problem that requires money seems to be building up - rent is due, car payment is due, car isn't working properly and needs fixing, every bill comes in the mail at once, etc. At times like these, money seems to be on my mind constantly. I start to worry about how I am going to pay for everything, and what I may need to cut back on. At this time I actually start thinking the saying should be "No money, more problems." However, I've come to realize that I cannot worry about money so much. Of course everything costs money and money is always going to be needed. But I cannot let troubling times stop me from just enjoying life. When the mind is focusing on money and worrying about how everything is going to be paid, I cannot just enjoy everything that is currently going on around me. I try to think about how no matter what, there are people in worse situations than me, so instead of worrying so much, I should be thankful for the situation I am in. Instead of worrying about the car payment, I should be thankful I have a car, and have the ability to drive. I should be thankful I have a place I can live. Money comes and goes, so there is no point of focusing all your attention on it. This does not mean you shouldn't take care of the things that need to be taken care of, but rather instead of worrying so much about it, or letting the thought of money consuming your mind, try to enjoy the things you do have, th

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