Rutgers University has been under a lot of scrutiny this week because of a released video about how Men's basketball coach Mike Rice treated his players during practices. This has led to the firing of Mike Rice and the resignation of Athletic Director Tim Parnetti. I think  there are people like me out there who might be tired of hearing about this scandal anytime they turn on the television. We all agree that Mike Rice was probably taking things a little bit extreme on how he conducted practice and the school authorities should have probably done something about it earlier or taken on some leadership about the whole situation. But one thing we must all remember is that, these people are all human beings just like us and are bound to making mistakes. Mike Rice made mistakes on the techniques he used to coach. Tim Parnetti resigned because he felt he should have done more which we all understand and agree. What I don't understand is why the media is just blowing this out of proportion like people were killed in this whole scandal. It was just  men like anyone else who made mistakes and accepted their mistakes and wished they could have done more. Yet some  people in the public still don't want to let this go which i think it's a bit ridiculous. People always act like they have never made any mistakes in their lives before and always trying to put a finger at others. Well the message here is that Mike Rice made mistakes that he regretted and apologized and we should all let it go and move on.

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