There are not many basketball teams in America who care about each other like the Louisville basketball team. The reason why I say this is that we could all see the reaction of Kevin Ware's teammates when he got injured on Sunday . Teammates from most other teams would have just felt sorry for Ware and probably would have just moved on with the game. However, this Louisville team showed love and compassion for a teammate.  This compassion they showed is a kind of compassion I have never seen before in all my years of watching basketball. Or perhaps it was  the severity of the injury that made them show so much compassion for their teammate Kevin Ware. Watching the game all I could see was a team who really cared for one another on and off the court, and wanted to win for each other. The team showed so much heart and courage. Some other teams would have thrown in the white towel if an injury like that happened to any of their teammates. Louisville wanted to win for him and I believe they can go all the way and win the National championship.

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