Watching  Danillo Gallinari of the Denver Nuggets go down with a season ending injury (torn ACL) last night against the Dallas mavericks was a hard pill to swallow for the Nuggets, fans, and for the team. Gallinari is one of the better Small forwards in the NBA and will be deeply missed by his team. But I still think the Nuggets will do fine in the playoffs even though one of their better play makers is out,  because the denver Nuggets are a well balanced team and do not depend on one guy because of their style of play. They have about five or more guys who average double digits which you don't find in  many teams in the NBA. Basketball analysts don't like the chances of the Nuggets because they feel the Nuggets need Gallinari in the Playoffs to win because the tempo of the game will be slowed down in the playoffs and their style of play will not take them far. But wait, that is not a fact it's just the opinions of basketball analysts and we are all going to find out come playoff time. I am also just stating my opinions because I think the Nuggets will do just fine in the playoffs without him. Coach Karl will just have to find the right guy on the team to take on Gallinari's role which they have a few guys who are capable of doing that.

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