The University of Rutgers Men's basketball coach, Mike Rice, has been brought under scrutiny because of the way he treated his players by verbally and physically abusing them. Watching the video that was released by ESPN today on how Mike RIce treated his players in practice, some of the actions exhibited by Rice seemed a little bit extreme like throwing the ball of a player's head and kicking a player in the butt. But all the others   i think were not that extreme in my opinion because I can almost guarantee that about 60 percent of coaches in division one do some of the things Mike Rice was shown doing in the video, but never go under scrutiny which by the standards of division one basketball is very normal if not taken to the extreme. If every division one program went under investigation to see how practices were conducted, what Mike Rice was seen doing on tape would have been seen in a lot of other programs too. I am not supporting what Mike Rice did but all I am saying is that some of the actions seen on tape were probably blown out of proportion. This is just an opinion and everyone will probably have a different take on this issue.

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