Watching the green bay packers play in the divisional playoff round against the San Francisco 49ers was so disappointing. The packers have arguably the best quarterback in the game but watching them play the 49ers was totally a different story. First and foremost a quarterback is only as good as his offensive line men allows him to be . Watching the packers looked like it was Aaron Rodgers against the other team’s defense. This guy literally gets no protection from his offensive line. Most of the time he is left by himself on an island to make plays by himself but yet he still comes through most times and that just tells me how great of a quarterback Rodgers is. I thought football was the ultimate team sport by watching the packers play the 49ers didn’t look like the ultimate team sport football is supposed to be. This was very evident in the game against the 49ers when Rodgers was tackled almost every time he had the ball and his offensive line was nowhere to be found. Also watching the Packers play on defense, it looked like the 49ers players were just too fast and too athletic for the green bay defense . I think front office and Coach  Mike McCarthy has to consider making some changes for next season if they want to see the packers advance to win the Superbowl which i think they are very capable of because they still have one of the best quarterbacks in the game.

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