I was just wondering to myself why the University of Florida basketball team did not want to scrimmage  Florida Gulf Coast during the preseason when the eagles wanted to scrimmage them. Maybe Coach Billy Donovan had concerns about how his team would match up against the eagles. One would think the gators would have wanted to scrimmage them since the two schools are not too far apart from each other and it wouldn't have counted against their record. But life always has an interesting way of playing out. If coach Donovan had scrimmaged them he would probably have a better idea of what his team needs to do when they face up in the sweet sixteen. I bet coach Donovan would have rather taken a preseason loss than take a sweet sixteen loss. Well, when they square up for the sweet sixteen match up all of America is going to know why the Gators did not want to scrimmage them. Was it out of fear? We are all yet to find out.

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